About Us

Lenaafratab Company was established in 2014 for marketing and selling the best lighting &  industrial electricital products and also providing engineering and design services in these areas as the executive arm and market services of Lena and Afratab Group of Companies.

Lenaafratab, by the support of the knowledge of its young, well thought-out and experienced engineers and also relying on the managerial ability of Lenaafratab Group, tries to use all its technical, commercial and production capacities in optimizing and designing new lighting and lighting systems. Also, providing the best industrial electricity products will take effective steps in the development of the country.

In addition to providing quality products, Lenaafratab Company's mission is to provide engineering services in the field of lighting menas design and implementation of lighting projects and also to upgrade lighting engineering knowledge by holding courses related to concepts of lighting and industrial electricity for interested audiences and loyal customers.

Our services are offered in the following categories:

1) Distribution of goods in the Wholesale network throughout the country

2) Distribution of goods in the Retail network 

3) Project design, sales and implementation services (End-User)

The most significant projects in which the products and/or services of Lenaafratab Company have been used are Palladium, Milad Noor, Rosha, Kourosh, Amiran, Lidoma, Gallery and Zara stores, Caraba cafes and restaurants, Enghelab Club and also Hafez, Saadi, Khayyam, Pars, Golden Hall and number of other residential complexes.

This company is proud to establish the Professional Association of Illuminatgion and Lighting (ILDA) in Iran in 1397 with the cooperation of the most prestigious lighting companies in the country. Also, in line with its educational and scientific responsibility, in 2016, as the golden sponsor of the third Iran Lighting Design Conference (ILDC), could be a small service to the country's lighting industry.

I) Lena Group Factory

Lena Industrial Group, as the exclusive representative of CANEL company in Iran, has produced and presented various types of low voltage switches designed by this company with the CANNEL brand in its factory located in Eshtehard industrial zone. The products of this company, in addition to valid international approvals such as SEMKO, CE and KEMA, have important local approvals such as the national standard of Iran and the approval of Tavanir Company, and all products have 5-year warranty.

Also, this company, as the exclusive representative of NVC company in Iran, has started its activity in the field for production and presentation of various lighting equipments under NVC license since 2011.

II) Afratab Electronic Industries

At Afratab Electronic Industries Company, lighting products are designed and manufactured with a focus on quality and energy saving. In this regard, we can mention the production of standard energy-saving lamps (CFL) with high quality and significant variety in the early years of activity. With the develop,met of technology, Afratab also started to produce LED products and presented its products to the market in several families such as lamps, ceiling lights, projectors, street lights and wall washers.

Research and Development Unit (R&D) of Afratab Company, which has a license for research and development from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, is equipped with all the necessary equipment to design and test energy-saving lamps (CFL) and LED products. Afratab Research and Development Unit laboratory is one of the best equipped lighting laboratories in the country.

All products offered by Lenaafratab are made by reputable manufacturers and have two to five years warranty.

CANEL low voltage industrial electrical products are produced by Lena Industrial Group under the CANEL license.


Afratab Electronic Industries is a manufacturer of high quality lighting products in Iran.


NVC Lighting is one of the most reputable manufacturers of lighting products in the world.


L.A. brand lighting products are produced in the factories of Lena Industrial Group and Afratab Electronics Industries.


You are welcome to visit the central Showroom of Lanaafratab products, which is located in the company's head office.

For visitng, please coordinate with the company's office at least one day in advance so that the our experts can provide you the best services.

Lenaafratab has 20 active agencies and more than 50 sales agents in the country.

Please contac us for more information.

Lenaafratab is one of the founding members and the main member of the Professional Association of Illumination and Lighting

Membership in Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture