• Introduction of the Company
  • CEO’s Words
  • Targets
  • Institutional Values of the Company

Introduction of the Company

Relying on its strong technical, manufacturing and commercial backgrounds, Lena Afratab Co. tries to take an effective step in optimization and design of lighting systems and provision of the highest quality of industrial products in the country. The young, motivated and well-educated engineers as well as the valuable management history of the Group has provided an appropriate opportunity for customers to enjoy our good services. In addition to providing highest quality products, provision of lighting engineering services and holding courses to introduce loyal customers to the concepts of lighting and industrial power is one of the priorities of the Group to elevate general knowledge and experience in these fields.

CEO’s Words

The Lena Afratab Co. was established according to the principles of team-working and the abundant capacities of two Lena and Afratab Companies. Our target is to provide the highest quality of products in the lighting and industrial power in the country.


Lena Afratab Co. will be one of the top three companies in lighting and intelligent solutions up to 2021 and one of the top producers of electrical products. With the proper understanding of the evident and unnecessary needs of customers and relying on provision of the best and the most innovative products and services with a completely costumer-oriented approach, we take necessary steps to achieve the Organization’s vision with a full commitment to the values within the Organization.

Institutional Values of the Company

Self-steem and ethical commitment to the audiences and environment – accountability and logic orientation – provision of material and spiritual values and opportunities are our hopes to reach the targets of the Company, relying on these values.   Company Slogan: Lena Afratab, Bright Idea, Bright Life